Time and Space Consultancy

Time and Space Consultancy offers consultancy and software engineering services in the following areas:

High-performance JavaJava concurrencyOff-heap data placement and managementInter-process communication and data sharingIn-memory and persistent key-value stores
Please e-mail to leventov.ru@gmail.com.

Time and Space Consultancy is a company of Roman Leventov, who is an author or a main developer of multiple high-performance Java libraries:
Koloboke: fastest collections of primitives for JavaChronicle Map: off-heap Java map with support for concurrent access from multiple processesSmoothieMap: low-latency Map implementation for JavaZero-allocation Hashing: the fastest implementation of some popular general-purpose hashing algorithms for Java
Roman Leventov is also a contributor to Apache Druid.

Time and Space Consultancy FZE
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